Coming soon: Everything for your efficient automation

Just give us a few more days and you will find everything you need for your robot in our new digital Roboformance showroom:

Peripherals and accessories for collaborative or conventional industrial robotics.

Gripping technology, vision systems, sensors, software, part feeding – components & kits:

Fine tuning for the best performance of your robot. Customized for your application.

As a licensed development partner of Universal Robots, the global No. 1 in collaborative robotics, Dahl Automation brings UR+ Components and UR+ Application Kits to life – engineered & made in Germany. These products have been designed for plug & play integration, intuitive system-internal use and efficient operation, certified and recommended by the world market leader in cobots.

In addition to our genuine Roboformance product range, we also offer reliable peripherals of other well-known brands and, as a distributor, have full access to the broad portfolio of Robotiq, OnRobot, Pickit, FlexiBowl and Easy Robotics. From grippers, 2D and 3D vision systems, sensor technology and software to flexible part feeding systems there is probably nothing you will miss!

  Do not hesitate to contact us while still waiting for discovering the world of Roboformance!

Lizenzierte Universal Robots + Produkte von Robotiq bekommen Sie im Dahl Roboformance Shop von Dahl Automation.
Bin Pick mit Pickit Kamera Systemen oder 3D Vision Systems: Jetzt im Dahl Roboformance Showroom.
Automatisierung mit Dahl Roboformance: Premium Peripherie für die beste Performance Ihres Roboters.
OnRobot Greifer und Drehmomentsensoren gibt es im Dahl Roboformance Shop von Dahl Automation.
Zubehör für Ihre Automatisierung: Display Schutzhüllen von Drimrobotics finden Sie im Dahl Roboformance Online-Shop.